Our Monthly Production Capacity is 60.000-80.000 pieces.

Efor Moda produces in denim, non-denim, woven and polyester groups.

Meanwhile, Efor Moda provides services to its manufacturers in an area of 1500 m2 in Istanbul Güneşli it operates its own Sewing Factory in Karabuk also.

Our models are designed in line with your expectations by our designers who are thriving in their domain and lead the innovations that follow the fashion. We are a proud company that serves the world. With the awareness of our responsibilities, it is our priority to create stylish designs that meet the needs and lead the fashion and create elegant and fashionable models.

Efor Moda takes a smart start to production with the latest computer systems and expert modelist team in the atelier which is the first step of production technology. The shape of the model to be produced, the pattern to be taken, the shrinkage rate of the material to be used, the reaction of the fabric and more are diligently calculated and investigated. After preliminary trials and final approvals, the model is assigned to the next stage of production.

Our company carefully examines not only the quality but also every criterion by checking the fabrics within the framework of the latest technology and human experience during the cutting phase.

The fabrics are laid with an automatic spreading machine and cut with an automatic cutting machine (mule).

The swatches are cut with precision and smart knife technologies with the latest devices go into production procedure with minimum waste at every stage, and immediate measure is taken in circumstances that will impact production thanks to quick auto control.

Efor Moda has established a sewing atelier in Karabuk for sewing, which is one of the most important stages of production. Karabuk atelier is equipped with machines that make the finest workmanship with minimum error, and that perform the highest quality production with its modern technology and expert team.

Our Karabuk branch is constantly inspected by our managers and subcontractors to ensure the highest level of sewing quality and the completion of sewing on time and without problems.

The end products are sent to the ironing, packaging and distribution unit after washing, sewing and measuring mid controls and are ready for shipment. Lİke that our products are delivered all over the world smoothly and quickly.

As the Efor Moda team, we are delighted to achieve our commitment and to be the partner brand of the whole world.